Death to Spreadsheets Webinar Series:

3 sessions on why it’s time to ditch your spreadsheets

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Are you constantly finding errors in your spreadsheets due to manual entry and lack of real-time data?
Is your company having trouble communicating across business lines about what assets you have in your system?
Are you stressing to compile all of your data when tax season approaches? Does your company data feel completely secure?

Watch the Sage Fixed Assets webinar series.

Over the course of these three webinars we’ll reveal the warning signs it’s time to ditch spreadsheets, things your spreadsheets can’t help you accomplish, and what do after you’ve decided it’s time to move on.

Five important things you need to know when using spreadsheets to handle your fixed assets

Join Sage Fixed Assets partner Scott Swarts as he helps you uncover the major pitfalls you may be overlooking by using spreadsheets to manage your fixed assets.

Scott will also explore some of the challenges and potential opportunities for errors that people encounter when using spreadsheets for managing fixed assets sub ledgers.

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Seven things your spreadsheet can’t do to help you manage your fixed assets

As you build your business you’ll find spreadsheets are very limiting and can’t provide the support you need to manage your fixed assets.

Join asset management expert, Geni Whitehouse as she helps you discover several new tools that can help release you from manual management to automated, compliant asset control.

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Tired of using spreadsheets for asset management—How Sage Fixed Assets can help

Sage Fixed Assets Engineer, Wayne Austin is going to help you discover how to take back control of your business after deciding that spreadsheets aren’t helping.

Wayne will give you an up close look at our software and how Sage Fixed Assets can help you gain greater control over your business.

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