How will Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting benefit me?

Do your departments run their own reports? Do those reports sometimes have unreliable results? Does your company have confusing and complex spreadsheets for reporting? Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting streamlines your data into flexible, automated reports that make it far easier to collaborate and make better business decisions.

What ROI can you expect with Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting?

Adjust the values to reflect your business situation and see how much you could save.

$120 a day $600 a week $2400 a month

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting vs. competitors

We understand that you want to choose a Intelligence Reporting solution carefully; on average, customers consider up to four options before deciding what's right for their business. Here is a quick look at how Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting compares to our top competitors:

Top purchase criteria F9 Microsoft FRx BizNet Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting
Supported ERPs (Sage 100, 300, 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW ERP) (Sage 100, 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW ERP) (Sage 100, 300, 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW ERP) (Sage 100, 300, 500 ERP, Sage ERP X3, Sage PFW ERP)
Easy to use
Multi-organizational reporting (by department/city/location)
Consolidate companies from multiple databases
Drill down to transactions
Ready-to-run report templates (For sample data)
Design reports in Excel
Use existing spreadsheet designs
Automated scheduling and distribution of reports
Free starter license(s) (No longer available)
In-memory data caching (Data pre-load is a manual step, not automated)
Flexible drag-and-drop financial formulas (Flexible but not drag-and-drop financial functions)
Reporting beyond General Ledger (Dependent on the supported ERP)
Ships out of the box with ERP (Sage 100 and 300 ERP)
Compatible with new Sage ERP releases at launch
Create drill-downs on any data (Financial data only)

What can I expect from Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting? See Possibilities