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Take back control.

Sage Inventory Advisor is an affordable cloud solution you can get for as little as $299* per month and start using the same day.

Optimize your inventory levels

Sage 100 ERP customer saves $300,000 

Use the dashboard to monitor product levels and reduce excess inventory.

Reduce excess inventory.

Imagine how much more efficiently you could manage your inventory if you could continuously monitor levels and set alerts that let you know when you need to take action.

Dig deeper: Better inventory management

Reduce working capital and
free up 15%-20% of cash
that's tied up in inventory.

Resolve problems before they start—monitor product levels according to metrics of your choice; this will help you know exactly what to buy and when.

Look closer: Sage Inventory Advisor FAQ

Make better planning and buying decisions by considering each item's value and profit margin.

"The more I work with the product, the more I can see how we will be able to make better decisions and significantly improve how we do business at AML."

Barry Gertner,
IT manager, A.M. Leonard

"In the first six months, we had a 13% increase in stock availability with a smaller increase in focused investment."

Steven Cumper,
director and co-founder, Medshop

"With simple dashboards and detailed reports we are left wishing all our systems were as easy to use as Sage Inventory Advisor."

Bill Dimarelos,
operations manager, DIM Furniture

Improve your fill rates with recommendations on what to order and when, as well as which items are moving and which are not.

Improve fill rates by 2%-10% and reduce stock outs.

Analyze real-time sales and inventory data, product quality forecasts, and get recommendations for the best time to replenish, to achieve better fill rates and fewer stock outs.

Added value: Receive Sage Business Care with your subscription

Reduce time spent on forecasting
by 50% and save money.

Modernize your forecasting—Sage Inventory Advisor can automatically receive and transmit your forecast data. Focus your efforts on analyzing your data, not manually pulling it together.

Success story: How one customer saved $300,000

Reduce costly errors and save time by letting Sage Inventory Advisor automatically pull data for you.
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For as little as $299* per month you can take back control of your inventory.

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