Sage Mobile Sales

How Sage Mobile Sales can help close bigger deals

Do you want to impress your customers and close bigger deals? Sage Mobile Sales is an easy-to-use iPad app and service that puts the wow factor right at your sales reps’ fingertips. With customer and product information instantly available, building quotes and closing sales have never been easier; you’ll be amazed at what your sales reps can now accomplish.

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Sell more using the smart online catalog.

Save money by replacing your expensive printed catalogs with the smart online catalog. Customers will love to see your entire product line in eye-popping color and know that it’s current.

  • Ensure the item you’re ordering has sufficient quantities in stock to fill the order or discuss alternatives with your customer on the spot.
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Give your salespeople the information they need.

Feel confident that even your most junior sales rep has all the information on hand to be as successful as your most seasoned team member.

Sales reps will impress your customers and have more meaningful discussions by seeing what they frequently buy.

  • Item quantity on hand at the warehouse
  • Quantity to add or subtract from the order
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Build accurate quotes onsite.

Your sales reps can build a quote onsite in no time without having to call back to the office using this intuitive interface. All the information they need is on hand and synced with your Sage ERP system, so it’s current and accurate.

  • Review past purchase numbers with the customer.
  • See the unit price, add or subtract the desired number of units, and verify how many are in stock.
  • Include discounts that the app will verify using pre configured thresholds you set in the Sage Data Cloud.
  • Verify the total amount of the order.
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Sage Mobile Service

Deliver great customer service and get more referrals

Empower your service technicians to deliver a great customer experience and watch your revenues soar. With the Sage Mobile Service app, field technicians are linked to the dispatcher by their smartphones and can access their work orders, review customer service history, get customer signoff for completed work, and take immediate payment—all while onsite. Exceed customer expectations and provide the type of service that generates repeat business—and those all—important referrals.

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+ one-time setup fee
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Choose your device to preview Sage Mobile Service features:

A schedule that is always up to date

Assign emergency jobs to the ideal technician on the fly, with confidence that he’ll receive and see the new work order on his smartphone. Your service technicians will impress your customers by arriving on time and being prepared with confidence that he'll receive and see the new work order on his smartphone.

  • See upcoming work order information including the job type, the client name and location, the job status, and the priority.
  • Access the handy calendar view to see all work orders for a particular day.
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View work order details and attachments.

All the details for each job are available for the service technician to review prior to showing up for their appointment with the customer.

Techs can drill down to get all the specific details for a job and view attached files such as drawings or technical specifications. At the job site, they can attach before-and-after photos to record work done and to resolve potential disputes.

  • See the job type and the start and end time and even add notes.
  • View useful attachments and add photos from the job site.
  • It’s simple to enter hours and parts while onsite.
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Flexible payment and easy authorization.

Once the work is complete, the customer can choose to charge it to his account and receive an invoice, or the field tech can take cash or a credit card payment on his smartphone or tablet or start an ACH transaction.

All order and payment information flows securely through the Sage Data Cloud, into your Sage ERP system, and into your Sage ERP system and normal workflow.

  • Convenient methods to pay on the spot or be invoiced later.
  • Use a credit card swiper or manually enter the customer’s card number and then have him sign.
  • Customers sign off for completed work on the tech’s smartphone.
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Streamline your process and reduce errors.

Field personnel submit completed work orders in real time back to the office for processing. Everything comes electronically from the field, so you no longer have challenges of lost tickets or difficulty transcribing handwritten notes.

  • The dashboard view gives you a streamlined view of work order status and completed work orders.
  • See which technicians are available for a job in a given time frame.
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Sage Billing and Payment

Get paid faster

As a business, it’s important that your cash flow is heading in the right direction. Sage Billing and Payment streamlines your accounts receivable processes and enables you to send out electronic or paper invoices, receive instant online payments, shorten days sales outstanding, and improve customer service. Give your customers the billing options they want, reduce the costs associated with mailing invoices, and get paid faster—all with Sage Billing and Payment.

Paying online makes it easy for customers.

Now customers who opt to be invoiced can pay you faster online with the Pay Now feature contained in the invoice you emailed to them.

  • This powerful feature gives your clients the online convenience they want. They can pay their bill within seconds of its arriving, and they never have to worry about losing it in a stack of paper. It’s simple to use, saves your clients the effort and cost involved in mailing out a check, and gets you paid faster.
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Simplifying the process with the dashboard.

The online dashboard gives you a streamlined view of your invoicing. This is a simple yet important collection tool that gives you valuable details at a glance, reminds you of important tasks, and indicates whether you need to address any invoicing issues.

  • See a list of invoices that need to be printed for customers who want to pay by mail.
  • Review the list of returned emails for further investigation.
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Automatically send invoices

Sage Billing and Payment integrates with your Sage ERP system, so when a customer chooses to pay on account, your personnel enters the payment choice, and the system can automatically send out an email invoice or send an invoice based on the settings in your Sage ERP system.

Collect money faster online

When customers pay online, you don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail, nor do you have to process it and then take it to the bank, saving you time and the associated costs. The payment goes straight to your account. It’s simple and shortens days sales outstanding.

Use customizable email templates

Customizable email templates let you create unique email invoices and receipts branded with your logo and message, giving your company that professional appearance that customers look for and creating another opportunity for you to present new products or promotions.

Issue electronic receipt of payment

When your customers pay online, they receive an email confirmation within seconds that they can print out or file electronically for their records. This quick response reinforces the quality of the customer experience that your company provides.