Here's How it Works:

1. Identify your greatest pain point. Is it Attracting New Clients or Working Smarter, Not Harder? (If you’re not sure, review the content list for each of the two tracks available to help make your decision.)

2. Make your choice. Wait for your first month’s material to come to you via email.

3. Each month you will receive a white paper and a workbook. Review the workbook before you read the white paper as there is a pre-assessment requirement.

4. Commit. Do the work! If you really want to maximize the information being shared in the white papers by industry experts, you need to schedule time for yourself to work through the activities. The white papers and workbooks were designed in a way that makes them easy to consume and action.
Which track is right for you?

Acquiring New Clients:
  1. Brand up! Building Brand Meaning in Your Firm
  2. Specialization—Finding Your Competitive Niche
  3. Differentiation—Separating Yourself From Your Competitors
  4. Website Fundamentals
  5. Maximizing Your Online Presence
  6. Make Your Clients Your Best Marketers
  7. Becoming a Thought Leader
  8. Your Guide to Email Marketing
  9. Measuring Your Website
  10. Networking for Growth
  11. Increasing Your Online Presence Using Social Media
  12. Building an Effective Marketing Plan
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Work Smarter, Not Harder:
  1. Brand up! Building Brand Meaning In Your Firm
  2. Time Management and the Art of Prioritization
  3. Customer Selection Criteria—Don’t Pollute Your River
  4. Evaluating Your Current Clients—Bad Clients Drive out Good Clients
  5. Firing Clients—Make Changes Toward Greater Profitability
  6. The Foundations of Value
  7. Pricing on Purpose—How to Implement Value Pricing in Your Firm
  8. Handling Customer Complaints
  9. Measure What Matters to Clients—Using Key Predictive Indicators
  10. Trashing the Time Sheet
  11. Creating Access Level Agreements
  12. After Action Review Process

You are only able to register for one track at a time so choose wisely. And don’t worry—you can take the other track next year!

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