The business conversation of the year

An elite group of business leaders will share their experiences and insights every day. What they have to say about the future of your business might surprise you.

Biz Stone

Co-Founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc.
Co-Founder of Twitter

Who knew that the history of the 21st Century would be written 140 characters at a time? Biz did. Find out what's next.

Jessica Alba

Co-Founder of The Honest Company
NYT Best Selling Author, Activist, and Actress

What’s a concerned mom to do when all she wants are products that are unquestionably safe, healthy, beautiful, and afforable? Dream big and start her own brand.

Jennifer Fleiss

Co-Founder and Head of Business
Development, Rent the Runway

Among the first to tap into the Millennial impulse to rent not buy, she proved it's more than big enough to build a business.

Magic Johnson

Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson

A basketball legend, who has leveraged his leadership skills into business and philanthropy.

The business conversation of the year

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